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Need an urgent help in fixing a bug in my Chat program

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Dear all

Need an urgent help in fixing a bug in my Chat program

I have two main loops in my Chat program , one loop is for controling the GUI related activites such as button click , checkbox click ..etc and the other one is for receiving the data from the chat clients( n number of clients).

Problem :

IF 15 or more users are connected to the server ,when i click any of the buttons/controls/manubar items in the first main loop ( while ) it will take 2-5 minutes to run the curresponding activites in the first loop,if the second loop is not receiving any data's from the clients also the same problem .

PC config : Dual Core 2.44 with 3 GB RAM

I have included my program code(Two Main Loops) also along with this mail.Please help me to fix the issue .

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