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This is very easy to use musicplayer i made. It can download music from youtube, it converts them to mp3 and adds to playlist. It can be controlled by keys = F2,F4,F6,F8,F12 (usually those keys does nothing) and keys works also if musicplayer is not active.First start takes longer than starts after that.

FIXED: no bugs and names of downloaded tracks are correct.

Download link = click here

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Hmmm...I downloaded and scanned it with avast pro and kaspersky and both returned a virus. It could be a false positive but if another member can confirm that would be great.

I suggest you update your virus databases, Virustotal gives 2/41 with 1 coming from the most reatarded AV company ever, eSafe. The other from "The Hacker" which I have not ever heard about.

Also, those results would brobably be wrong anyways. The file must be reported as a virus (of course it can be detected if it does some weird things to your system) before it will be flagged by AV companies...

So if it is a virus, which it probably isn't, we are already screwed :D

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