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winrar sfx help

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hi i want to make auto installer app so people can make there own auto install.

i cant figure a way that autoit could do it but i know sfx could just wondering if any one knew the sfx command line parameters to create a self extracting exe

thanks for your input. :D

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Google is your friend.

i have searched google and all i can find is converting rar to sfx

thanks for the suggestion tho

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From WinRAR Help File

Switch -SFX[name] - create self-extracting archive


If this switch is used when creating a new archive, a self-extracting archive (SFX) will be created. By default WinRAR uses as its SFX module the file Default.SFX for RAR archives and Zip.SFX for ZIP archives. These modules must be in the same folder as winrar.exe. It is possible to specify in the "-sfx" switch an alternate SFX module name.

Shell mode equivalent of this switch is the "Create SFX archive" option in the Archive name and parameters dialog.


create self-extracting solid volumes

WinRAR a -sfx -v360 -s Games

create archive using WinCon.SFX module

WinRAR a -sfxWinCon.SFX Gift.rar

See also s[name] command.

If you need AutoIT specific help with this, Lemme know. I have used this to create SFX archives for updates

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