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Using AutoIt to build a translation model

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Hall yet again!

This is my third post today as a newbie.

I am building a platform to translate my English texts into German.

Anyone helping me with scripts, could have access over time to my translation model.

Regards and have a nice day, forkinpm.

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If you don't know well AutoIt I suggest to start read some finished projects.

Look here

Func _GoogleTranslate($sText, $sFrom = "en", $sTo = "ja")
    Local Const $FileName = "Translation.jsn"
    Local Const $Pattern = '"translatedText":"([^"]+)"'
    Local $GoogleURL = "http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/services/language/translate?v=1.0&q=%s&langpair=%s%%7C%s"
    Local $File
    $GoogleURL = StringFormat($GoogleURL, $sText, $sFrom, $sTo)
    If Not InetGet($GoogleURL, $FileName, 1) Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
    $File = FileOpen($FileName, 4)
    $Translation = FileRead($File, FileGetSize($FileName))
    $Translation = BinaryToString($Translation, 4)
    If StringRegExp($Translation , $Pattern) Then
        $Translation = StringRegExp($Translation , $Pattern, 1)
        $Translation = $Translation[0]
        Return $Translation

MsgBox(0,"",_GoogleTranslate("Hello World", "en", "de"))

When the words fail... music speaks

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