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Downloading local files

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Im writing a script that will download a file on a local network (actually across a WAN) and I would like to create a progress meter to let the user know something is happening.

I have found a few download scripts but they are all based on internet files rather that local ones and so the macro @InetGetBytesRead doesn't work.

Is there a local file version of @InetGetBytesRead or a better way to do a progress meter for a WAN file download?


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It doesn't depend on whether the file is local or remote, it depends on the way you are downloading the file. For example: You can use InetGet to download local files (if you set up a http webserver).

If you're doing this with InetGet, then you can just use whatever you had already found.

If you are using FileCopy, then I did a quick Google and saw what I could come up with:





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