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How to handle #32770 in Excel While Minimized?

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I have an error message that pops up occasionally in Excel. I am trying to write a script that will click on that error message when it appears. It works fine when Excel is the active window, but when it is minimized it doesn't work at all.

Here is the code I am using (gleaned off another thread here):

Global $s_title_of_popup = "Microsoft Excel"
Global $s_msgbox_class = "#32770"
Global $status
While 1
    WinWait("[Title:" & $s_title_of_popup & ";Class:" & $s_msgbox_class & "]")
    ControlClick("[Title:" & $s_title_of_popup & ";Class:" & $s_msgbox_class & "]", "", "Button1")

When I add a line to activate the window first, the script seems as if it is sending it to the main parent window, rather than the popup message.

I've attached a test excel macro to illustrate what I am talking about.

Can anyone help? Kind of clueless at this point.


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