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XMLDom - Call optimisation

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I have working code for a simple _XMLGetValue call, but am not satisfied with my own execution of it.

Is there a way I can wrap the first two lines into a single statement?

I.e. can I reference an item in a returned array and assign it to a variable in a single line?

I'm still getting my programming legs, so if this is an easy question, I apologise now. :D

Cheers, Wal.

$ret = _XMLGetValue("/results/data/row[@num="&$result_number&"]/IDCODE")
$returned_result[21] = $ret[1]

$ret = _XMLGetValue("/results/data/row[@num="&$result_number&"]/TIMESTAMP")
$returned_result[20] = $ret[1]

$ret = _XMLGetValue("/results/data/row[@num="&$result_number&"]/YN_ACTION")
$returned_result[19] = $ret[1]

$ret = _XMLGetValue("/results/data/row[@num="&$result_number&"]/TEXT")
$returned_result[18] = $ret[1]

$ret = _XMLGetValue("/results/data/row[@num="&$result_number&"]/TYPEINDICATOR")
$returned_result[17] = $ret[1]

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No, there isn't. You can either leave it as it is, or put it in a function. I would go with the function.

$Returned_Result[21] = Function("/results/data/row[@num=" & $result_number & "]/IDCODE")

Func Function($String)
Local $Ret = _XMLGetValue($String)
Return $ret[1]
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