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GetNetList, Files Downloader

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GetNetList, Files Downloader


First, AutoIt

Thanks for creating AutoIt that does for me a lot more than this sole application

What is GetNetList ?

GetNetList is a program designed to download a list of files from the internet (http, https, ftp are supported)

Site login (username and password) is not supported, yet (I just saw it could be easily done in a basic way)

Pausing and resuming downloads is not supported

Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously


Program has been tested under Win98, Win2000, WinXP

Some integration is possible in Internet Explorer 6 (may work or not with other IE version, any feedback welcomed)

1. The included script version has been written for AutoIt v3.3.0.0

2. The included executable is compiled with AutoIt v3.3.0.0 and does not require AutoIt to be installed

The download link: (If the link is broken, notify me in this thread I'll re-upload, hopefully)

GetNetList (zip)

updated 03 oct 2009 v1.0.0.2

An AutoItX3.dll and the corresponding EULA is included in this zip archive



English is not my native langage, however the program's langage is english

There can be errors, mispellings and so on...

If anyone wants to point some bad english no problem, I'll add the corrections to the program

I'm not a professionnal programmer, so this program does to aim at professionnal results

This script is free to be distributed, modified, improved, but NOT sold !

Downloading a lot of small files may result in a heavy load on the CPU and memory, check it

This is due to the fact that this application is a multi-process program

(for a variety of reasons including my lack of knowledge of http requests and the use of InetGet function)

The program exists in the script form (requires AutoIt script engine to be installed)

and in the executable (EXE) form (no script engine needed)

For compiled version to function you may need to allow GetNetFile.exe to access the internet in your firewall

(GetNetFile is the downloader part of the application, whereas GetNetList is the download manager part)

For script version you may need to allow AutoIt.exe to access the internet in your firewall

GetNetList can interact with internet explorer 6, through the right-click context menu on a web page

(this requires the AutoItX3.dll to be registered, which can be done from within the main program)

If you already have AutoItX3.dll registered, especially a NEWER version, you don't need to register it again

In other browsers interaction is only possible via the clipboard

(plugging into Firefox probably requires a specific XPI extension, but I don't know anything about XPI writting)

The features:


Multiple simultaneous downloads

Monitoring of clipboard for new files to download (with customizable protocol and extension filters)

Integration in IE6 for new files to download or to scan for links (via the IE right-click context menu)

A pending downloads list, a currently downloaded list, and an archive list for already downloaded files

Ability to scan an HTML page and look for links inside it (href links, src links for images and scripts)

Saving and opening a list of files to download

Auto-closing the application, shutting down or suspending the system when all downloads complete

Auto-shutdown of dial-up connections when all downloads complete (works in Win2000, WinXP, not Win98)

Information balloon tip in the systray

Minimizing to the systray, always or on-demand, command line parameters to choose the UI state upon start

Special resize capabilities, and snap to screen borders or taskbar border for the UIs

Some hotkeys for keyboard lovers

A symbolic expression links generator (the fun part, kind of 'batch' download)

Drag and drop capabilities to open a saved download list, or to scan an HTML page

Reordering and sorting items in the pending downloads list

Showing, minimizing, hiding individual download windows

Killing individual downloads (if not responding, or if you just changed your mind about it)

Running a downloaded file from the main UI (accordingly to your file association in the Windows shell)

Running incomplete file while still downloading (when that makes sense)

Changing the background color of part of the UI :D

Why use it ?


Well, I don't know, maybe there's a feature you are missing in your favorite download manager

Maybe you like to download with AutoIt rather than anything else in the world

Or maybe you got huge lists of files to download and don't know how to download them conveniently

To install it:


The zip file contains 2 zip files, one for the script version, one for the executable version

Unzip one of them, or both, in a new folder

creating a GetNetList folder in c:\program files\ and unzipping to it is the best idea

(you can overwrite the duplicate files if unzipping the script and the executable in the same folder)

Run GetNetList.au3 with AutoIt3.exe for the script version, or GetNetList.exe for the compiled version

To uninstall it:


You can un-register AutoItX3.dll and cleanup the created registry entries from within the main program

(in the 'Options' tab)

And then simply delete the folder containing GetNetList (for example, as above, c:\program files\GetNetList)

The included README files:


Install.ReadMe (how to install and uninstall)

Help.ReadMe (how to make the program work)

Other included files:


AutoItX3.dll : only needed for internet explorer 6 integration

(I hope it is allowed to bundle it with an AutoIt program ? otherwise the moderators can notify me)

Download.htm, Pile.htm, Scan.htm : only needed for internet explorer 6 integration

Most IMPORTANT warning:


Programming is just a hobby, so don't expect FULL SUPPORT and MAJOR UPGRADES every day

However if someone has a good idea (that I can understand...), or a bug to report,

just do it in this thread, I'll look if I can do something about it.

If some AutoIt half-god wants to have a look and can sort out this messy code

(I don't understand it myself sometimes), he can add any improvement of his own.

Edited by marc0v

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Oops ! :D

I updated AutoIt from to and it created some problems in the UI concerning the focus on controls

(and, as a consequence, with hotkeys changing the focused control and numeric input controls)

maybe some controlsend behavior change.

So if someone downloaded it before 24 sept 2009, he should delete his installation, re-download and re-install

-> either the normal version working with autoit

(no glitches, but script version requires an engine older than, because of 'RunErrorsFatal' option removal)

-> either the BETA version working with autoit

(with UI glitches, but script version is compatible with engines newer or equal to

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links are dead, please update

Sorry 4 Bad English, I'm Indonesian...I'm really need 'Translator' for helping me posting in this forum (http://deeriee.wordpress.com)

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27 sept 2009 update v1.0.0.1 (link in first post)

Links are alive, at this time... (?)

However I update to GetNetList v1.0.0.1, because UI glitches under autoit v3.3.0.0 are corrected

(controlsend() almost no more used, seems to send to the focused control instead of the specified control)

(+) author is currently drunk

(+) more autoitx3.dll version check

(+) process priority sets so as to avoid heavy load on CPU when a download starts

(-) I'm missing a drunk smiley

03 oct 2009 update v1.0.0.2 (link in first post)

* repaired and improved 'minimize to tray'

* download windows, if started visible, no more push the main window in the background

* improved GUI focus (child windows were sometimes difficult to activate from taskbar)

* changed HTML link scanner to an InternetExplorer method

(with a hidden IE window scanning a web page/document object)

* ability to copy url & run file/url & open folder from within download windows (if visible)

* improved splash windows position & size (auto-action warnings when all downloads are complete)

* increased maximum splash windows time-out to 604800s (7 days!)


add http:// at the beginning of urls initially without protocol prefix

insert some 'username:password@' in url for login (on ftp/http server, I don't know...)

Edited by marc0v

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A significant update to v1.0.0.3 (link in the first post)

- improved/fixed a few problems with UI focus/activation

- improved CPU impact (other app should be less affected by the program)

- updated the install.readme and help.readme

- added user logins inside URLs (insert 'username:password@' in URL for simple login on some server)

- added some resize buttons for the main UI, and snap to screen borders or taskbar border

- added 'rotate' buttons for the pile list (rotating selected URLs up or down within the selection)

- added automatic standby/hibernate action, when all downloads are finished

- added running incomplete downloads (only makes sense for videos and text files probably)

- added some warnings and file informations when running executables downloaded from the internet

/!\ currently URLs more than 127 char long cannot be sent from Internet Explorer because of

an AutoItX activeX limitation (v3.3.0.0), this should be fixed in later versions of AutoItX.

A newer version of AutoItX can be installed without changing the program

(just need a re-register of the new version of the activeX, or updating AutoIt itself).

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I know this is OLD, but link is dead. I would like to try this

or learn something from it to try and solve problem I have.

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new link please

download link does not work

there's a problem

thank you now

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Archieve is damaged. Can you please upload it again? Thanks! Edited by tomomi

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