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Printing to a network printer

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I'm sure I'm missing something very simple here. If I right click on Windows Start Menu (in xp) and choose "explore" I can type in (ip address) and view the contents of that network printer's hard drive. I can also drag/drop files to that location and the printer will start printing the files. Most files I need printed are postscript files and we do not have software to open these files and print them productively.

I was thinking I could use the filecopy command and use that ftp://ipaddress as the destination, but I get an @error of 0 :D

I've looked through the help files and forum search, but most people aren't hooked up to multiple industrial printers over a network...

Where should I start, what commands/functions should I look into?



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If you're just doing an FTP upload, try this FTP UDF:


If it's a windows share, you ccan use the commandline NET use:


Join a Printer Share
NET USE [LPTx:] \\ComputerName\printer_share /PERSISTENT:YES

Join a Printer Share - with a "long" share name
NET USE [LPTx:] "\\ComputerName\printer_share"

Disconnect from a share
NET USE [driveletter:] /DELETE

Don't know if filecopy accepts device names as arguments, might have to copy the file to the virtual lpt port using CMD's copy command.

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