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Need Help with Scripts

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Hi everyone,

My name is Mike. I'm about to build an arcade cabinet using several different programs accessible through a frontend (interactive main menu). I want this cabinet to blend many programs together and require the user to do no extra work... just enjoy. Ive been told several times I need to make a "simple batch file of auto-it scripts". Well I don't know about scripting much and this means a lot to me. To put it simply, I would even be willing to $PAY$ someone for this little file. I have one done already and working great. I am able to open an auto-it file with any program when it fires up, and this one causes it to close with a hit of the 'escape' key. BUT I also need a few others...

1)If someone leaves a game on, I want it to automatically hit the 'esc' key and exit out after, say, 30 min.

2.)I want a couple of the programs to have half the volume that they do when they fire up.

3.)I want to make only one auto-it script open at a time to keep them from building up from behind the frontend.

4.)I want those 3 and my 'hit esc to exit program' script in a batch file.

I am capable of making the batch file, and changing scripts sent to me to indicate the correct .exe file/program.

I simply have no interest or talent to get those couple things done. If YOU do PLEASE dont hesitate to send me some help or the actual files, (I have version 3 auto-it installed). And of course you can make me an offer...If its fair I doubt I'll refuse! It's really all I need to finish up several months of work on this cabinet stuff. I'm being honest and serious here, I have no problem sending something and have donated to many sites I find helpful so here's my e-mail!!



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