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change the ico picture

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Hi, how can i change the ico from from my autoit script ?

I change the ico with resourse hacker, but after change my antivir say this is a dropper.

Can anybody help me ?

Thank thami

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1. Compile your script by right-click > Compile Script

2. Go to Start > All Programs > AutoIt v3 > Compile Script to .exe

3. Browse for your source code, object code and icon file.

The source is the .au3 file.

The destination is the compiled .exe file.

To change the icon, you must have .ico type picture file.

Tip: To change png file to ico file, go to http://www.convertico.com/

4. Change other if necessary, then click Convert! :D

That's all! I was in the same step as you half a year back. Then I saw the program, readied for us to use, :D lol!

Tell me if I am helping you! :D

Edited by Crash

JPGRARMouse Lock | My website | Thanks so much for your help! ❤️

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