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Want to copy files and directories

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I am an AutoIt newbie

I have a large directory (OLD) of documents and other files from my old computer, which includes many different nested sub-directories, and another similar large directory (NEW) on my new computer.

I want to merge them together so that nothing is lost. If for example there are two folders with the same name, I want the files from the OLD folder to be copied into the NEW folder. If there is already an NEW file there with the same name as the OLD file, then I want OLD appended to the OLD file name before copying. The successfully copied OLD files and folders are to be deleted from the OLD directory (so that I can check that everything has been copied, and in other words they are moved rather than copied).

Would it be feasible to write this in AutoIt, or would it require a huge amount of coding? To save re-inventing the wheel, has anyone written something like this already please? Is there some simpler way of doing this that would save me many hours of coding please? As far as I know the problem with using something like Xcopy would be that it could only overwrite duplicate file names.


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