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Code authentication to use, Protection, Ideas, and such

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i am planning to do a program that i wish it to work only if auth was DONE ok but i am stuck on how should i read this i mean...

I know i can create a page on the web and read username and password from it and encrypt it but some how the response would be the same i did like to hear from you guys that have more experience and / or ideas on how to go thru this ...

How would you approch this to make a communication between the login page and autoit to safely know the autoit could run ? Return a sha1 key or something like that ? but how would i verify it ?

Create my own de/encode keys and work it out on the send and received data ?

Thanks for any suggestion, ideas, comments and so on.

I've been searching on the forums for something alike this question but i could not find anything run more then 20 pages perhaps i was looking for the wrong keyword...

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