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Specific World of Warcraft Question

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From searching the forums here I know there used to be a way to react to information in the game. To complete work on the combat bot I wanted to know if anyone knew of a real time solution to parsing the combat log. I have looked around on the internet and it does not seem that any of the "real time" parsers are actually real time. If you turn on the combat log with a command in the game it makes a file combatlog.txt, but you can not access that file directly until you close the game, since it is opened in exclusive mode. The goal is for my bot to take into account specific events that happen while in combat, such a spell proc's and haste modification. There are two ways that I have found to do this, one (the one I don't want to do) is to make some pixel on the screen change color based off what even has happened then keep then have the mouse "look" at the color to determine what to do. The other way would be to create a series of triggers that syntactically match the parsed information from wow. Anyone know of a way to do the later, or at least where to start looking?

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