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Internet Explorer - View Generated Source


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Hi all,

Got a bit of a problem and wondering if anyone has any ideas.

We have an application that uses a HASP USB Key for licensing. We have a 5 user simultaneous license. If anyone tries to access the application over the 5 users, they get a message saying that all licenses are used up. I can see who has the licenses (through an admin console) and want to give the users the access to see who has liceneses.

I have two problems here:

1. I cant give them access to the admin console

2. The admin console is really just dynamic web pages. If I view the source of the web page, it does not show me who has the licenses, as this part is loaded dynamically at runtime by some script.

Does anyone know anyway of viewing the generated source of a webpage with autoit? The old IE7Pro browser addin had this functionallity, and I'm sure that some of the other browsers have it to.

Is it possible with AutoIT?

Thanks in advance,


----[ SandyD ]---
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