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Does autoit have the ability to do this?

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Win32_Process Class

I need to log all of these options and find out which one is passing the value that I am trying to capture, if AIT can do this?

Win32_Process Class

The Win32_Process WMI class represents a process on an operating system.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all of the inherited properties.


class Win32_Process : CIM_Process
  string   Caption;
  string   CommandLine;
  string   CreationClassName;
  datetime CreationDate;
  string   CSCreationClassName;
  string   CSName;
  string   Description;
  string   ExecutablePath;
  uint16   ExecutionState;
  string   Handle;
  uint32   HandleCount;
  datetime InstallDate;
  uint64   KernelModeTime;
  uint32   MaximumWorkingSetSize;
  uint32   MinimumWorkingSetSize;
  string   Name;
  string   OSCreationClassName;
  string   OSName;
  uint64   OtherOperationCount;
  uint64   OtherTransferCount;
  uint32   PageFaults;
  uint32   PageFileUsage;
  uint32   ParentProcessId;
  uint32   PeakPageFileUsage;
  uint64   PeakVirtualSize;
  uint32   PeakWorkingSetSize;
  uint32   Priority;
  uint64   PrivatePageCount;
  uint32   ProcessId;
  uint32   QuotaNonPagedPoolUsage;
  uint32   QuotaPagedPoolUsage;
  uint32   QuotaPeakNonPagedPoolUsage;
  uint32   QuotaPeakPagedPoolUsage;
  uint64   ReadOperationCount;
  uint64   ReadTransferCount;
  uint32   SessionId;
  string   Status;
  datetime TerminationDate;
  uint32   ThreadCount;
  uint64   UserModeTime;
  uint64   VirtualSize;
  string   WindowsVersion;
  uint64   WorkingSetSize;
  uint64   WriteOperationCount;
  uint64   WriteTransferCount;

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Check out _ProcessListProperties() in Example Scripts. If you intend to do it in a loop, make sure you read the whole topic an apply the tweak in post #42.


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