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problems with mouse clickcs

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hi, i have been searching the forums but didnt find an answer

i got 2 problems:

1) i was running lands of lore in dosbox (a dos emulator) and i tried to send mouse clicks to it via mouseclick function.

sometimes the mouse inside the dosbox moved a bit but never to the right coordinates.

id be happy if there is someone who has solved this problem before

2) ive been trying to send mouseclicks to a minimized diablo 2 window via controlclick

but it seems like the diablo window blocks my efforts

when i use au3info and look at the control properties of the diablo 2 window it just shows me the handle of the window and the controlclick coordinates are blank.

is there any way to get around this or is it impossible?

(i know it is possible to click with mouseclick while the window is maximized but that is not what i am looking for)

thank you for reading :)

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How do you try to send these clicks?

Please provide a small piece op your code :)


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I'm also interested in a solution to this...Actually....

Can anybody give me an example on how to send a "mouseDown" and a "mouseUp" function call to a window without that the window has focus(or even minimized)? I want to send mouse events to a specific window while i use my mouse on different tasks....Is that possible?



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