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Question about Au3xtra.dll

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Ive done some coding on Larry's Client/Server.. but ive messed something up. How do the client know when the server shutsdown?

Like even when you shut the server down in task manager, the client says (Server disconnected).. how do it know?

;             Server Exit
   If $ret[0] < 0 Then   
   WinsetTitle($GUI,"Server Disconnected")

When does $ret[0] become <0 ?

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umm anyone?


Every call to the Au3Xtra.dll that fails return a value <0, meaning:

$ret = DLLCall("au3xtra.dll","int","TCPRecv", "int", $socket, "str", "", "int", 512 )

$socket = the socket you connected to

Now when the server is down the TCP/IP protocol will close the socket and is no longer valid and the dll returns a value < 0 to let you know the server is down :-)

Can be wrong, sounds logical to me :)

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