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Same browser window.

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I searched the forums before posting this topic but couldnt find an answer. I have this script to log into a website and race other people without actually me doing it.

I just want it so it logs in (Which I've accomplished already) then after that I have some links I want to add into the script that I want it to goto in the same open browser window. How could I do that?

Func BrowseURL_1($URL)
    Local $TempFile
    $TempFile = @TempDir & "\Website.url"
    INIWrite($TempFile, "InternetShortcut", "URL", $URL)
    Run(@comspec & ' /c "' & $TempFile & '"', @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE)
HotKeySet ("^e", "MyExit")

While 1
   $Co_ord1 = PixelSearch( 312, 359, 440, 359, 0xFFFFFF, 1, 1)
   If Not @Error Then
      MouseMove ($Co_ord1[0], $Co_ord1[1],0)


WinWaitActive("Midnite Challenge.com - ")
Func MyExit ()

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And the Registry entry for it is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\AllowWindowReuse When set to 0 it forces a new window, otherwise reuses (and here's the down-side) the oldest window. If you can change the behaviour to reuse newest window, I'd love to know how :)

601DisengageEnd Program

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Bleh I tried to do that..but the code I put in below the one above but it didnt do anything after I ran the script..it just kept the original window and didnt do anything.

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