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How Can I Read The Classes?

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Can someone help me?

I try to read the classes SysTreeView32(1) and SysListView32(1).

But the the functions ÇontrolGetText' or ÇontrolCommand' did only return an error.

Can someone help me, how to do this?

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Guest gbob1960

I'm having problems getting ControlGetText() working as well.

Suspected problem is we're trying to read a control that's not a standard MS control.

It would be really handy if there were some tools available for handling non standard MS controls - but I didn't find any, and I'm not familiar enough with Windows internals to ferret out the info...

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SysTreeView32 and SysListView32 are not supported :huh2: Please bug Larry to get this fixed :D

Regarding non-standard controls: There really is not much you can do besides a lot of guesswork unless the software vendor will tell you the controls' API.

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