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i searched the whole forum but i can`t find anything about it.

Is it possible to retrieve the SystemIdleTime ?

I want to start some tasks when the system has been idle for some time, perhaps like the harddisk suspend does. I need the exact count of it.

Anyone a suggestion ?

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I think that you can use pslist from the pstools : http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/pstools.shtml

in a cmd, type: pslist idle

it will return information about idle with CPU time.

If it's what you are looking for, use this script to extract this information :

$cmd='pslist.exe idle > '&@WorkingDir&'\logpslist.txt'
RunWait(@ComSpec&' /c '&$cmd,@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
if $fic=-1 then Exit
$line=FileReadLine($fic,9); the information is at the line number 9
$idletime=StringMid($line,49,11); the position of the time in the line

I hope, it will help you

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thx for this solution, i tried it with pslist too yesterday.

i think its the only way to do it (for now) :)

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