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GuiCtrlCreateGraphic with compiler?

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When I try to use the GUICtrlCreateGraphic and GUICtrlSetGraphic functions they work fine until I try to use the Aut2EXE. Then it gives me errors. I'm trying to draw a simple box.

I assume the compiler must just not support this yet? Or might I be doing something wrong?

Here's an example of my code

Dim $line = GuiCtrlCreateGraphic(0, 0)
  GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_MOVE, $start_x, $start_y)
  GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_COLOR, $color) 
  GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, $end_x,$start_y)
  GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, $end_x,$end_y)
  GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, $start_x,$end_y)
  GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, $start_x,$start_x)
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do you use the ++ version ? if so copy the .bin from the autoit folder to the aut2exe dir


The ++ version? I guess not. I don't see a .bin file except for in the Aut2Exe subfolder. Where do I get the ++ version? I have 3.1.1 I think
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Where do I get the ++ version? I have 3.1.1 I thinkAI

3.1.1++ zip archive, first locate installed AutoItSC.bin (my is: C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Aut2Exe\AutoItSC.bin), overwrite it with one in archive, all other files, folders into AutoIt install dir 'C:\Program Files\AutoIt3', overwrite all. Edited by eJan
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