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First off tnx Jedb for answering my last question.

Can anyone tell me is there a script command to turn off the power to my monitor.

I have written a nice script which will scare the crap out of my freind once he runs it. B)

It dose no damage ive just writen it as a joke.

In order for this 10second script to really work properly

I need to turn off the power to his monitor let the script run for 10seconds doing its other tasks and then turn back on the monitor so it appears nothing has happened.

All positive ideas and commets are welcome.

Please help me !!! :whistle:

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can't find any function that can flip switches yet.... :whistle:

You could use the following to hide everything behind a Window covering the whole desktop.

This example is the standard background color for the splashtexton.

You could also use SplashImageOn with a "black" image"...

$Dt=WinGetPos ( "Program Manager" ); get the desktopsize
SplashTextOn ( "", "" ,$dt[2], $dt[2], 0,0,1)     ; cover the desktop with a splashscreen
Sleep(10000); sleep 10 seconds
SplashOff () ; remove splashscreen

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It's possible for software to send a monitor in a lower power state, but it is not possible to turn one off (In general, I'm sure there is probably some monitor out there that can be software controlled, but 99% of monitors can not). AutoIt doesn't support sending the monitor into low-power, however. You may try searching the web for something that can.

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