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Run As another user (native method)

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Hi everybody,

With 2000/XP, #RequireAdmin AutoIt function calls a "Run As" native GUI of Windows, very useful.

But, with Vista/7, same function into Windows calls "Run As Adminstrator" Only, and you can't choose user. this is bad from microsoft.

For Vista, there is not a good native alternative, but I know "RunAs" AutoIt command is OK.

In fact, with Windows 7, microsoft reintroduce Run As Administrator + Run As (2 functions).

This first can be call with right click onto any EXE and "Run As Administrator", same of Vista.

The second one can be call with Shift+Right Click and "Run As another user" : Good ! same function of 2000/XP but new name !

So, my question : is it possible to integrate that new native function into AutoIt ?

Maybe #RunAs ? or #RunAsAnotherUser ?

Thank you very much :)

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