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WinWaitActive question

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Hello. I have a quick question. Is it possible to use the WinWaitActive command to detect an active window in general, instead of a specific one? For example, lets say I click on a link, and a window pops-up, but depending on the conditions at the time, a different window with a different title would pop-up. Could the WinWaitActive command be used to detect the active pop-up window, no matter what its title is?

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Not sure how a WinWaitActive() could wait for an window without telling it what it is.

You could check the window that currently has the focus in a loop with the Win????() functions.

How would you know that the window is the correct one?


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Maybe run WinList() in a loop waiting for the number of windows to go up? A compare of the arrays before/after could give you the title and handle of the new window. This makes a big assumption that this is only new window that will occur.

There are probably ways to hook an event when a new window is created, but I think that's more advanced than you want.


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