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javascripts not working in IE8

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I hope this is the right forum for my question.

The java scripts (mouseover and iframe) that I am using on my websites are not working in IE8. I have 2 sites that I use them on hosted on 2 different hosts. I have viewed my sites on 3 seperate computers (in IE8) with the same problem. When I upload the sites (using FTP) they will work for awhile until I close out IE8, then when I reopen it later they not longer work. I tried adding a meta tag that is suppose to make IE8 work but it doesn't. My website is located here http://artsrealm.com

Here are the scripts I am using:

Placed in <head> section:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7">


Mouseover Code in <head> section of website:

<script language="Javascript">


if (document.images) {

image1on = new Image();

image1on.src = "graphixgallery-link-on.jpg";

image1off = new Image();

image1off.src ="graphixgallery-link-off.jpg";

otherImageDefault = new Image();

otherImageDefault.src = "preview.jpg";

otherImage1 = new Image();

otherImage1.src = "preview1.jpg";


function changeImages() {

if (document.images) {

for (var i=0; i<changeImages.arguments.length; i+=2) {

document[changeImages.arguments].src = eval(changeImages.arguments[i+1] + ".src");




// -->



Mouseover Code in <body> section of website:

<a href="main.html" TARGET="_new" onmouseover="changeImages('image1', 'image1on', 'otherImage','otherImage1')" onmouseout="changeImages('image1','image1off','otherImage', 'otherImageDefault')"><img border="0" src="graphixgallery-link-off.jpg" NAME="image1" width="275" height="49"></a>


iframe code used:

<iframe frameborder=0 width=100% height=480 scrolling=yes src="main2.html" name=iframe></iframe>

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This forum is for the AutoIt programming language, google for "javascript forum" or something :)

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