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I've got a laptop that came with Win XP Home, so yeah, it is older. I tried several different "Time Administrator" programs, but didn't want to for out the cash for something simple, so I made my own in AutoIt. It is FAR from perfect and there are some performance issues, plus the GUI's are simple and undone. I'll post some updates as I get them done. Please pick it apart and suggest some improvements please!

How to Use

1. Compile and run it, or just run it

2. First use, it will prompt to set an administrative password, do it.

3. Click on the tray icon and choose "Settings"

4. Double Click on the user account to edit. Make sure to click the "Save" button after each one!

5. Set the number of minutes the account can be logged in for each day of the week.

6. Click the "Enable" checkbox to enable the account for time restriction.


- The ADMIN checkbox is really of no use at the moment. I am planning on implementing some special functions later on, I think.

- All settings for stored in two ini files, encrypted of course. Settings.ini has some settings for the script itself. Users.ini has the user profile data.

- After the initial setup/run, you may have to exit and restart it for some changes to catch.

- The "Time Info" display may not update the Admin/Enabled status immediately. You may have to wait for the 1 minute adlib process to update the display.


I am sure there are some, but it works good for the simple use I have for it right now.

Feedback is a plus please!

TA 0.7.au3

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