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Face Recognition with AutoIt

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Ok, if anyone happened to be following any of my posts you may notice I've been working on a very large project. It's already at 80 MB.

One of the things I'm having a bit of trouble is incorporating other source codes (other programming languages) into AutoIt. I found http://faceapi.com/ and it will become very useful if it is used with Autoit. Think login systems, A.I. characters that respond and look at to you, controlling games...the list goes on. The source code may be obtained after logging in. Registration is free and the free edition's source code is around 141 MB.

Anyone have an idea of how I can have AutoIt be able to read inputs from faceapi? I was thinking of using it as an object but to be honest, I'm not quite skilled in the area of objects in autoit yet.

EDIT: If you happen to know of another open source face recognition software feel free to share.

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Parse Large Text Files To 2D Array Quickly [With Chunk Size]


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