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PixelSearch & C++ woes

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Well, it's about time to cry for help I fear. I have been busy the last days trying out to the "DLLCall" function in AutoIt, using an old C++ Pixelsearch function I wrote some years ago.

Currently I'm into benchmarking and testing, but I get some annoying bugs here:

At the start of my C++ pixelsearch function I check the window state and if need be I wake it up from minimized state and/or invisibility by

if (!(::IsWindow(hWnd))) return "";
if ( ::IsIconic(hWnd) ) ShowWindow(hWnd,SW_SHOWNORMAL);
if (!(::SetWindowPos(hWnd,HWND_TOP,0,0,0,0,SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE | SWP_SHOWWINDOW))) return "";

before I start copying the bits into memory and doing the search.

Here's the DLLCall:

for $i=1 to 100
    dim $result = DllCall("winUtils.dll","str","SearchPixel","hwnd",$hwnd,"int",0,"int",0,"int",$size[0],"int",$size[1],"int",0xc57907,"int",0)
    logEvent("@error=" & @error & " result=" & $result[0])
    if @error>0 or $result[0]="" Then ContinueLoop
    dim $resA = stringsplit($result[0],"|") 

All is well as long as the window is not minimized(=IsIconic).

If it is all searches will return "not found", my guess is the window is not repainted during the 100 iterations.

Anybody got an idea ? Thanks ....

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I don't see what AutoIt has to do with it? If you make the same DLL call from VB or something else with the window minimized the DLL returns results?


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