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Open IE and go to site

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$OpenUrl      = RegRead ("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Applications\iexplore.exe\shell\open\command", ""); Get the Internet browser path
$PosParam     = StringInStr ($OpenUrl, "%")            ; Parameter location (%l)
$OpenUrlLeft  = StringLeft  ($OpenUrl, $PosParam-1)    ; Left handside of the path
$OpenUrlRight = StringMid   ($OpenUrl, $PosParam+2,999); Right handside of the path
Run ($OpenUrlLeft & $url & $OpenUrlRight)
And better will be to RegRead the program associated with .html extension...

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start http://www.google.com

from the command line opens the default browser (for some, Firefox might be default browser). Just look for the Run(@Comspec... thing in the help file, and it will be very easy, don't forget the space!

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_DateAdd("d", -2, _NowCalcDate())
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