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[RESOLVED] I need some help wih special keys in AutoIt.

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I want to use special keys such as {LCTRL} {SPACE} and all the others in functions other than Send, ControlSend, etc. Do these keys act as variables or does AutoiIt convert them? Right now I'm using constants to define SPACE, CONTROL, RETURN, and the list goes on. It works but it would be easier to use something built into AutoIt.

Below is what I'm doing right now.

Const $SHIFT = 0x10

Const $CONTROL = 0x11

Const $MENU = 0x12

Const $ESCAPE = 0x1B

Const $BACK = 0x08

Const ... = ...

Edit: Never mind I'm an idiot. A little trial an error and I figured out what I needed to know.

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