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What am I why wont it find my image, is there an error in my function.

Func FindGlitter()
    $imageresult = _ImageSearchArea("glitter.bmp", 1, 17, 17, $xx1, $yy1, $xx2, $yy2, 0)
    If $imageresult=1 Then
        TrayTip("Test", "bmp found", 2, 1)
        $bootyfound = $bootyfound + 1
        MouseClick($Click, $imageresult[0], $imageresult[1], 1, 0)
        $glitterfound = $glitterfound + 1
        $bootyfound = $bootyfound - 1
        TrayTip("Test", "error somethings wrong", 2, 1)

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