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I used to use a program called automate (unisys) to perform most of my auto functions, then i discovered autoit.

i still use automate only to launch scripts from hotkeys and also key sequences.

i would like to replace this with a simple always running script in the backbround that would do the same thing.

Hotkeys no problem using the HotKeySet function

however we use a lot of keysequence controls, can i do this?

example the user may be in an application and type "{space}tok{space}" the script would then automatically fire and cut that text out and replace it with "{space}tesked ok with client{space}".

i have looked at the _IsPressed function however it seems to only work for a single key, so i thought i could loop it to store the last 10 keys then run a find with in that for the triggers, however i am thinking that this would cause a significant performance issue as you keep capturing every key and then sending them back to the screen......

any thoughts on how i could do this.

Cheers in advance.

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i just found this http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=42455&st=0&p=315776&hl=keysequence&fromsearch=1&#entry315776

which does come close however it appears that the script terminates after the first occurance of the sequence and i cant see why. also this may be difficult to adapt as i have many key sequences that i want to trigger.

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