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filelist exclude nethood

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I wrote a littel script to create a filelist incl. subfolders

When I run the script I get an error if the script finds the nethood folder.

Does someone know how to solve this?

_FileList('', 'c:')

Func _FileList($SubDir1, $From)
Local $FileFrom = FileFindFirstFile($From & $SubDir1 & '\*.*')
While 1
  Local $File = FileFindNextFile($FileFrom)
  If @error Then ExitLoop
  ;If $File = 'nethood' then ContinueLoop
   Local $FileName = FileGetLongName($From & $SubDir1 & '\' & $File)
  ConsoleWrite($FileName & @LF)
  If StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($FileName), 'D') Then
   Local $SubDir2 = $SubDir1 & '\' & $File
   _Filelist($SubDir2, $From)
WEnd EndFunc

My scripts: _ConsoleWriteLog | _FileArray2D




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