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AutoIt v3.3.1.2 (Beta) Released

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AutoIt v3.3.1.2 (Beta) Released:


- Added: new type to DllCall and DllStruct to avoid confusion with MSDN description. That avoid specially X64 errors.

- Added #967: Ftp via proxy now works for the Inet functions.

- Added #351: PixelSearch() now supports both right-to-left and bottom-to-top searches.

- Changed: AutoIt exit callback functions are called in reverse order of registration.

- Changed: AdlibUnRegister() now returns the count of remaining Adlib functions that are registered.

-Changed: AdlibUnRegister()'s function argument is now optional. Calledwithout arguments causes the last registered function to beunregistered.

- Changed: @YDAY now returns values in the range 001 -366 instead of 1 - 366. This makes it more consistent with otherlanguages. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE.

- Changed #1080: InetGet background downloads now return immediately instead of connecting to the remote host first.

-Changed #1137: RegEnumKey() and RegEnumVal() now correctly return anempty string on failure instead of an error message string.

- Changed: PixelChecksum() can calculate checksums from right-to-left and bottom-to-top.

- Fixed #1013: MDI childs doesn't adjust to parent windows client area. (Thanks monoceres)

- Fixed: Crash due to unregistering an Adlib while an Adlib was firing.

- Fixed: Adlib functions no longer dominate when more than one are registered.

- Fixed #1005: TraySetClick(64) = hovering. (Thanks timsky, MrCreatoR)

- Fixed #1049: InetRead() inserted arbitrary null terminators.

- Fixed: ClipPut("") not emptying.

- Fixed #1068: Binary to Int. (Thanks amel27)

- Fixed #1087: Checkbox or Radio repainting when mouse hovering.

- Fixed: Bad painting on double GUICtrlSetPos() for label.

- Fixed #1094: Send("{LSHIFT UP}") stay down. (Thanks nick.weltha)

- Fixed #1074: Inputbox() positionning on multi monitor. (Thanks partypooper)

- Fixed #1079: GUISetFont(), GUICrlSetFont() doc related to issue #918

- Fixed #1105: disable colored Multiline button not properly displayed.

- Fixed #1077: GUICtrlSetBkColor() bad recoloring. (Thanks Mulder)

- Fixed #1116: GUICtrlCreateGraphic don't follow ResizeMode.

- Fixed #1102: Better documentation of the StringInStr() count parameter.

- Fixed #1161: Removed all documentation references to ColorMode.

- Fixed #1156: AutoItSetOption()/Opt() now set @error instead of generating a fatal error with invalid input.

- Fixed #1093: StringFormat() beta regression for non latin chars

- Fixed: Comparing pointers now works correctly.


- Removed: ColorMode option removed from AutoItSetOption().


- Fixed #1036: Inet-related functions now work in compiled scripts.


- Removed: ColorMode BGR option removed since AutoIt no longer supports the option to use BGR mode.


- Added #1050: TextPad v5 syntax files installation. (Thanks poebel)


- Added: GuiRichEdit and functions

- Added: _WinAPI_GetGuiResources()

- Added #981: _WinAPI_WideCharToMultiByte(), _WinAPI_MultiByteToWideChar() support IN/OUT as "strings"

- Added #1157: Encryption functions in Crypt.au3.

- Added #1128: _WinAPI_PathFindOnPath() in WinAPI.au3.

- Fixed #999: _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused documentation

- Fixed #1016: _WordDocSaveAs() Doc for error handling. (Thanks Volly)

- Fixed: Sound positioning in case of VBR Format Sound. (Thanks Melba23, RazerM)

- Fixed #1031: _Clipboard_SetData() fix. (Thanks Ascend4nt)

- Fixed #1040: _ScreenCapture_Capture() leak memory. (Thanks rover)

- Fixed #1026: _Gdiplus_BitmapCreate*() doc examples. (Thanks wraithdu)

- Fixed #1092: _Timer_...() datatype for X64. (Thanks Ascend4nt)

- Fixed #1059: Incorrect error handling in _FileListToArray(). (Thanks Spiff59)

- Fixed #1101: _NowTime(), _NowDate() Doc. (Thanks danullman)

- Fixed: _WinAPI_GetWindowLong(), _WinAPI_SetWindowLong support X64.

- Fixed #1111: Bad grammar in comments for _DateAdd().

- Fixed #1155: _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap() updated (Thanks Yashied)

- Fixed: all includes use Unicode for Dllcall and SendMessage

- Fixed: _WinAPI_Get/SetWindowLong under X64

- Fixed: UDF library now uses #include "" instead of #include <>.

- Fixed #1033: UDF library now has better and more consistent error handling when DllCall() is used.

- Changed: _SQLite -> 3.6.18

- Changed: _InetGetSource() now uses InetRead().

- Removed #1112: __WinAPI_Check() has been removed as have all calls to it.

AutoIt contains the following script breaking changes:

Someof the following features are deprecated. Deprecated features are nolonger documented but continue to work. Deprecated features will beremoved after version It is strongly recommended that scriptsrelying on deprecated features be updated to work with the newbehavior. Some features have already been removed and will be noted assuch.


  • ShellExecute()and ShellExecuteWait() no longer use the "open" verb by default. Seethe remarks section for those functions for more details.
  • The return value of InetGet() has changed. It is important to read and understand the changes because it is possible to leak resources if InetGet() is used incorrectly.
  • InetGet("abort"),@InetGetActive and @InetGetBytesRead are now deprecated. The followinglist shows the new functions used to access the old behavior:
    • InetGet("abort") - Calling the new InetClose() function with a handle returned from InetGet() will abort a download.
    • @InetGetActive - Calling the new InetGetInfo() function with no parameters returns a count of active downloads.
    • @InetGetBytesRead- Calling the new InetGetInfo() function with a handle returned fromInetGet()will return the bytes read (and more) for a download.
  • The FtpBinaryMode option set with AutoItSetOption() has been removed. Now InetGet() takes a flag to specify the transfer mode.
  • The URLDownloadToFile() alias for InetGet() has been removed.
  • AdlibEnable() and AdlibDisable() are deprecated. See the new functions AdlibRegister() and AdlibUnRegister().
  • OnAutoItStart() is deprecated. See the new pre-processor statement #OnAutoItStartRegister.
  • OnAutoItExit() is deprecated. See the new functions OnAutoItExitRegister() and OnAutoItExitUnregister().
  • TheAutoItSetOption() option OnExitFunc has been removed. See the newfunctions OnAutoItExitRegister() and OnAutoItExitUnregister().
  • GUICreate() with $WS_EX_MDICHILD has been fixed to be relative to client area as documented.
  • ProcessWait() now returns a PID instead of 1 on success.
  • WinWait(), WinWaitActive(), WinActivate(), WinActive() and WinMove() now return an HWND instead of 1 on succes.
  • Themacro @YDAY now uses the range 001 - 366 instead of 1 - 366. This makesthe macro more consistent with other languages (like C/C++) and moreconsistent with all other date related macros which return strings withleading 0s to pad the length.
  • RegEnumKey() and RegEnumVal() now return an empty string instead of an error message.


  • The last optional parameter for _StringBetween() has been removed.
  • _StringAddThousandsSep()has been removed. There are too many opinions on what this functionshould do and too many revisions of this function have been made.
  • _SQLite_SaveMode() has been renamed to _SQLite_SafeMode().

This release is not digitally signed.

Discuss the beta here.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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