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I searched in the forum to put I did not find.

to say they would know me if script exists some " client server" in the forum.

desire to apply 1 system of login in mine script thus to be able to manage the people who use script

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welcome to the forums;

TCPstartup ()

TCPListen () ----> SERVER ONLY

TCPConnect () ----> CLIENT ONLY

TCPAccept () ----> SERVER ONLY

TCPSend ()

TCPRecv ()

TCPClosesocket ()

TCPShutdown ()

UDPStartup ()

UDPBind ()

UDPOpen ()

UDPSend ()

UDPRecv ()

UDPCLoseSocket ()

UDPShutdown ()

Help file is there for a reason...

i have a Multiclient TCPChatroom EXAMPLE in my sig if that will help.. also like 4 ongoing chatroom projects 3 of which are dead XD

what exactly are your needs? you didn't really give much information.. and i know your new to the forums but please don't ask for a premade script do it yourself

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