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_GUICtrlTreeView_Create not working.. or any TreeView functions

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I am not having luck at getting the _GUICtrlTreeView_* functions to work. The problem is that none of them are displaying text. They will have check boxes and icons, but no text is displayed when there definitely should be.

For an example try running the example script in _GUICtrlTreeView_Create or those functions that use _GUICtrlTreeView_Add to create the children. If I use GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem it seems to work fine; but I don't think I can use icons with those.

I'm using the latest beta with I tried standard and it doesn't work either.

Running Windows 7 64bit.

Edit: Quick note; the notified events that should be registering aren't being caught either. Nothing is written to the console no matter what I do when I run _GUICtrlTreeView_Create.

More edit: Icons are not actually displaying correctly. I just ran _GUICtrlTreeView_AddChild and every icon is the same, which I don't think is supposed to be the case.

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