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$CmdLine is now a constant?

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I've previously had a loop which runs through the command line args and extracts any that conform to Foo=Value - these values being for the script itself. The rest of the args were passed on whatever application that was being run. I was setting CmdLine[$I] = "" when a named argument was found.

This has worked fine until I downloaded the latest version of AutoIt3 yesterday and then my RunAt script (which uses named arguments X and Y to run the application at a particular location) failed with "CmdLine[$I] = "" ^ERROR Cannot assign values to constants".

Is this intentional or a new bug?



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Its intentional. There is a new Const keyword to mark a variable as immutable. $CmdLine/$CmdLineRaw are implicitly Const now. If you want read/write versions, then copy the $CmdLine variable and use your new variable for processing.

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