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Hi Guys,

I play a game online that has chat boxes with tabs on top. So when someone sends you a message a red tab pops up and you click on it to see the message. I am trying to write a script that will click on that red tab when it pops up. I use pixelsearch all the time, but I'm not familiar with a command that will click on a certain color. Here is what I have, any suggestions?

WinWaitActive("Darkfall Online")

While 1




Func PrivateMessage()

$GM = PixelSearch(517, 829, 1038, 851, 0xB61D1D, 250); searches tab area

If $GM = 1 Then


send("{ESCAPE}");opens menu


MouseClick("left", 530, 990, 1,1);clicks on field to type response


send("Im here")



But this doesnt click on the tab that just popped up =(

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