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Opening A File Using Another Program

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I'm trying to find the line to open a file using another program. The case that I'm trying to do is open a MP3 or WAV file using WinAMP when I get the trigger from the If statement..

If ~What I'm looking for occurs

Open WinAMP

Play this Song

Endif //(continue playing though).

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$program = "C:\Program Files\whatever\winamp.exe"

$file = "C:\something\coolSong.mp3"

Run($program & ' ' & $file)

Usually. Look at WinAMP's help files to see if it has custom command-line arguments / command-line parameters / command-line switches.

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If WinAmp is your default Audio player you should be able to use SoundPlay. from the Help file (Functions>Miscellaneous)

SoundPlay ( "filename" [, wait])


filename Name of the file to be played (typically a WAV or MP3)

wait (optional) This flag determines if the script should wait for the sound to finish before continuing:

1 = wait until sound has finished

0 = continue script while sound is playing (default)

Return Value

None. (Always returns 1 regardless of success.)


Terminating the script will stop the sound (if it is still playing).






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