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Hi All,

I am having a lot of difficulty in selecting one final control in order to automate a logon process.

Below is the script that I have been dabbling with, and also I have attached a jpeg of the info window

if it may help you guys to isolate what I am missing.

Thanks you for all you assistance.


; Start SAP

Run("C:\Program Files\sap\FrontEnd\SAPgui\saplogon.exe")

; Wait until SAP is open

WinWait ("SAP Logon 710")

;Wait half a second


;Give focus to the SAP Logon 710 screnn

ControlFocus("SAP Logon 710", "","[CLASSNN:SysList32]" )

;Choose Option 4

ControlSend("SAP Logon 710", "", "", "04{ENTER}")

;Wait half a second

SLEEP(500);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Script works fine to here;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

;Trying to give focus to Copyright screen

ControlFocus("Copyright", "","")

;Trying to click Copyright button

ControlClick("Copyright", "","")

;Send Enter

ControlSend("Copyright", "", "", "{ENTER}")


Other attempts I have made are as follows:-

WinWait ("Copyright")

; Enter OK

;Send ("{ENTER}")

;Give focus to the Copyright screen

;ControlFocus("Copyright", "","[CLASSNN:#32770]" )

;ControlFocus("Copyright", "","CLASS:Button; TEXT:Continue; INSTANCE:1]")


;ControlClick("Copyright", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:Continue; INSTANCE:1]")

;ControlClick("Copyright", "", "&Continue")

;ControlClick("Copyright", "", "Continue")


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I have manage to reach a solution to this. Thanks to all helpers.

Wait for Copyfright screen to appear

WinWait ("Copyright")

;Give Focuse to the Copyright Screen

ControlFocus("Copyright", "","")

;Click on the Copyright Screen

ControlClick("Copyright", "","")

;Send Enter to go into SAP

ControlSend("Copyright", "", "", "{ENTER}")

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