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Mp3 sorter

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ok its kinda basic.. and it uses the Id3 tag thing from here that i found

but i had a music folder with 3000+ random files

and i wanted them in artist folders

this script did all but 20 of them so im pretty happy.. better than doing all the 3000 XD

here it is.. maybe someone can add a gui to it and a few more features

p.s u need

http://www.dlldll.com/downdll/8538.html in the same folder as the script

and the script needs to be in the same folder as the files :)

#include <array.au3>
global $search = FileFindFirstFile("*.mp3*")
global $file = 0
global $oId3 = ObjCreate("CDDBControl.CddbID3Tag")
while 1
$filename = FileFindNextFile($search)
$fileloc = @ScriptDir & "\"
$file = $fileloc & $filename
$re = _getID3Tag($file)
$Artist = $oId3.LeadArtist
FileMove($file, @ScriptDir & "\" & $artist & "\" & $filename, 8)


Func _getID3Tag($h_file)
    If Not IsObj($oId3) Then
        Return 0
    $oId3.LoadFromFile ($h_file, False)
    Local $idTag_A[15][2]
    $idTag_A[0][0] = 'Title'
    $idTag_A[0][1] = $oId3.Title
    $idTag_A[1][0] = 'LeadArtist'
    $idTag_A[1][1] = $oId3.LeadArtist
    $idTag_A[2][0] = 'Album'
    $idTag_A[2][1] = $oId3.Album
    $idTag_A[3][0] = 'TrackPosition'
    $idTag_A[3][1] = $oId3.TrackPosition
    $idTag_A[4][0] = 'Year'
    $idTag_A[4][1] = $oId3.Year
    $idTag_A[5][0] = 'Genre'
    $idTag_A[5][1] = $oId3.Genre
    $idTag_A[6][0] = 'Comments'
    $idTag_A[6][1] = $oId3.Comments
    $idTag_A[7][0] = 'Label'
    $idTag_A[7][1] = $oId3.Label
    $idTag_A[8][0] = 'FileId'
    $idTag_A[8][1] = $oId3.FileId
    $idTag_A[9][0] = 'ISRC'
    $idTag_A[9][1] = $oId3.ISRC
    $idTag_A[10][0] = 'CopyrightHolder'
    $idTag_A[10][1] = $oId3.CopyrightHolder
    $idTag_A[11][0] = 'CopyrightYear'
    $idTag_A[11][1] = $oId3.CopyrightYear
    $idTag_A[12][0] = 'PartOfSet'
    $idTag_A[12][1] = $oId3.PartOfSet
    $idTag_A[13][0] = 'Movie'
    $idTag_A[13][1] = $oId3.Movie
    $idTag_A[14][0] = 'BeatsPerMinute'
    $idTag_A[14][1] = $oId3.BeatsPerMinute
    Return $idTag_A
EndFunc   ;==>_getID3Tag

Func _DLLstartup($DLLpath = '')
    If $DLLpath = Default Or $DLLpath = '' Then $DLLpath = @ScriptDir & '\cddbcontrol.dll'
    RunWait('regsvr32 /s ' & '"' & $DLLpath & '"')
EndFunc  ;==>_DLLstartup

Func _DLLshutdown($DLLpath = '')
    If $DLLpath = Default Or $DLLpath = '' Then $DLLpath = @ScriptDir & '\cddbcontrol.dll'
    RunWait('regsvr32 /u /s ' & '"' & $DLLpath & '"')
EndFunc  ;==>_DLLshutdown

Budweiser + room = warm beerwarm beer + fridge = too long!warm beer + CO2 fire extinguisher = Perfect![quote]Protect the easly offended ... BAN EVERYTHING[/quote]^^ hmm works for me :D

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