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Hotkeyset Question

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I notice that if you set ScrollLock as a hotkey, then AutoIt "captures" it but the scroll lock state is also toggled. Other hotkeys are completely "captured".

Could each type of behavior be allowed?

1) e.g., when NumLock is a hotkey, pressing NumLock is captured by AutoIt and the numlock state/LED does not change. A workaround is to Send("{NumLock toggle}") inside of the hotkey function.

2) e.g., when Esc is a hotkey, pressing Esc is captured but the Escape key is also passed on to the active application. The current workaround is this:

HotKeySet("{Esc}", "foo")

Func foo()

HotKeySet("{Esc}") ;unregister to prevent infinite recursion

Send("{Esc}") ;send

HotKeySet("{Esc}", "foo") ;re-register


Just wondering

Edit: I've looked at the implementation and the Windows API and realize my request might not be possible at this time. (But I'm no expert)

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