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TCP Ping port error condition and timer

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I am writing kind of TCP port ping function , i want to add timer for measuring latency.

The issue is when the timer var is enabled i don't get any feedback if error is occurred in case address or port is not available/timeout.

error condition works only if i comment the timer procedures, please advice how to make this works including timers.

Thanks in advanced.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>


Func Tcp_ping()

Local $ConnectedSocket, $szData
Local $szIPADDRESS = "ip-test"
Local $nPORT = 445

    ; Start The TCP Services

    ; Initialize a variable to represent a connection
    $ConnectedSocket = -1

    ;Attempt to connect to SERVER at its IP and PORT 33891
$TcBegin = TimerInit()
    $ConnectedSocket = TCPConnect($szIPADDRESS, $nPORT)
             $TCdif = TimerDiff($TcBegin)

    If @error Then
        MsgBox(4112, "Error", "TCPConnect failed with WSA error: " & @error)
        MsgBox(1, "OK", "TCPConnect : "& $TCdif)
EndFunc   ;==>Example

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You are testing the state of @error as returned by the TimerDiff() function. Either save @error to a variable, or test it, right after TCPConnect() and before executing any other functions.


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