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Lan Application Creation (LOADS of assist needed)

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Hey Guys / Girls,

Firstly I do appologise for posting this in the wrong place if it is. But any ways here we go.

I somehow think that this is seriously using AutoIT for the wrong reasons But my programming skills are Skitish at best.

So I'm hoping that people can help me out and Maybe suggest other languages with some how to guides if need be :)

What I want to Create is a LAN Party managment tool.

I know there are a few online that allow for HTML access etc etc. but those are more general managment (ALP is one such tool)

What I want is more of a ADMIN managment tool.

What I would like to add to it is as follows:

Seating Managment:

This would allow you to Set firstly GRID Size (size of your Venue Width and Length)

Grid Customization (Should your venue have a ARB shape (Not squared etc..) then you can place Dead markers(none working are points) to shape it better.

Table layout - this means you would be able to say this is a table and have a few options on it. (seats 2, Admin, Servers, Hub, seats 1 etc etc) and each having a different color or Graphic.

Occupied and open markers.


Database that would be updated and used to register players - Details such as (name, surname, nick, cell, email, etc) this would also need to be a database that can be backed up to some format that can be imported again.

(If this could use something like Mysql or something that would prob be best im thinking.)

Comp managment:

Basic managment - Create a comp

specify prizes etc for each placement (No of prizes given to how many placments should be user defined)

Player registration (Nicks should be used)

Anyways thats the basics im looking to do. And like I say im gonna need a ton of help because I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to do some of these.

So heres hoping that 1 its doable and 2 peeps are feeling like giving a hand

Or at the very least someone can suggest a better app to do this with :)

Cheers and thanks Guys / Girls


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