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Guest Xeks_RU

same problem - I see abracadabra

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Guest Xeks_RU


Use AutoItX v3.1.0

running the simliest vb script:

oShell.Run "notepad.exe", 1, FALSE
oAutoIt.WinWaitActive "Untitled - Notepad", ""
oAutoIt.Send "Hello, World{ENTER}"
oAutoIt.Send "Çäðàâñòâóé, Ìèð" ' it is "Hello, World", only in Russian :-)

After it in the second row of Notepad I see abracadabra. I guess it is the

problem of encoding.

Is it possible to fix the problem somehow?

P.S. The same problem when using Cyrillic in: StatusbarGetText, WinGetText,


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This is a good known problem... :) Unfortunately result of function in different cases is often unpredictable. I assume that you use one of NT's, because afaik this is only NT's problem (probably cause unicode). Try to play with default keyboard layouts...

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