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Keyboard interrupt with Send() command

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Hi, i'm trying to automate some actions in one game. Not bot yet, but some kinds of macroses. But i figured the problem that Send() command doesnt work.

For example i need "3" to be pressed. Basicly it is Send("3"). You can also try with key down and then key up.

Func Go123()
    Send("{Tab down}")
    Sleep(Random(50, 200, 1))
    Send("{1 down}")
    Sleep(Random(50, 200, 1))
    Send("{Tab up}")
    Sleep(Random(50, 200, 1))
    Send("{3 down}")
    Sleep(Random(30, 200, 1))
    Send("{1 up}")
    Sleep(Random(50, 200, 1))
    Send("{3 up}")
    Sleep(Random(50, 200, 1))
EndFunc   ;==>Go123

While trying to get problem made even such code. Because i thought that the game check delays between keys pressed, the time of key being pressed etc. But it still doesnt work. If you put that function in While WEnd, it will work for 2(or somthing like that) seconds after pressing any key manually, then it will stop. Or better say it will stop pressing keys. Then you press another key, and it works for a couple of secs again, from random place, where it was.

Imagine like i send 1 to 9 in function. And when it stops i press space. So output will be "1234 6789 3456 2345 7891".

Other words i think that game check if there was keyboard interrupt and then get the keyboard input buffer. So i want to include int60h and int64h to my code. But need help with realization. Cause im rather new to AutoIt, and ASM as well.

P.S. Guess that i described the problem not the best way, so please ask if you dont understand something.

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