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Possible to do this?

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Before I go and try to learn how to do all this AutoIt programing I thought it would be smart to ask if this was even possible. What I would try to do would be to make some hotkeys so that when you clocked w,a,s,d,spacebar,left mouse click, ect it would send the inputs to CoDWaW.exe and when you click i,j,k,l (I would use a program i've seen to convert gamepad button presses into keyboard input i.e. i,j,k,l) it would send the inputs to CoDWaW2.exe. Assuming I can get two CoDWaW's running on each of my monitors would it even be possible? I could try a different game that can go into windowed mode also. I was just curious if thats even possible to have two games up and then a guy on mouse and a guy on a gamepad playing on the same computer. I figure this could be sort of like a really ghetto way of making coop split screen games on the pc.

Thanks for any help!

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You could MAYBE use HotKeySet() to get the keys. You could MAYBE use ControlSend() to send the keys. Check those two in the helpfile.

This is all one big MAYBE, depending mostly on how the game handles it input (the keyboard in this case). It would most probably work with Notepad but I guess that's not a very fun game :)

I leave no guarantees that what I said is 100% correct, I am currently very sleepy and.... *crash* :)


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Here's some things that you will need to know. What you're trying to do may or may not be possible.

1. Processes do not handle input

2. Windows handle input

3. Only the active window receives input (by Windows design)

4. Some windows actively monitor for input

5. Some windows actively check if they are the active window, before accepting any input (even when forced)

6. Prepare for the unexpected!

That being said, AdmiralAlkex has a good understanding of how you may be able to do this. But it's a big 'maybe'.

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