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I use this script when restoring a ghost image to clone PCs.

  • First create the system to be ghosted
  • Run RunOnceEx_NewSID
  • (You may Enable Autologin)
  • Ghost your system
When the image is restored, RunOnceEx_NewSID

  • Ask to set the IPAddress / Netmask / [optionaly Default router]
  • Ask to enter (or choose) a hostname
  • Remove Autologon
  • If found, install SetHKCU.exe to Windows\Run entries
  • Run NewSid and apply the defined Hostname
Note 1 : when ran a second time on the master, RunOnceEx_NewSID react like on the slave PC. This may help to see if the system is correct before ghosting it.

Note 2 : RunOnceEx_NewSID uses C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\\RunOnceEx_NewSID directory

Hope it can help somebody ...


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