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Running Sage as an Administrator!!!

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to run Sage as an adminstrator while logged on as a user. Let's call her Judy. "Simple enough" I hear you say, "create a local administrator account and use this code..."

RunAs("sageadmin", @ComputerName, "<password>", 0, "C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SAGESB~1\SBDDES~1.EXE")

Which I did, and it did the trick, but now she can't print because there are no printers installed for sageadmin and she can't save files to a network drive because sageadmin does not have permissions.

There is no way (correct me if I'm wrong) to give a local user permissions to domain resource. Any attempt to add them to a group in ADUC draws a blank, so I created a domain account in ADUC called sageadmin and added it to the Administrators group on the local machine. I then logged onto that machine as that user and added a printer, then logged on as judy and ran the script again (substituting @ComputerName for the domain name of course).

Again it ran, and again there were no printers.

I changed the code so it was like this...

RunAs("sageadmin", "<domain>", "<password>", 1, "C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SAGESB~1\SBDDES~1.EXE")

This should load the NTUSER.DAT file for sageadmin from the local machine right?

Bingo! My printer is listed, but now I have exactly the same restrictions I had when I opened the program as Judy.

This is beginning to drive me mental. If anyone has any suggestions (apart from "shut up and deal with it" :)) I would be extremely grateful



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